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ADA Signage - Way Finding, Hotel Room & Bathroom Signs

Photopolymer Signs
Custom ADA Compliant Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides certain considerations to help individuals with disabilities successfully navigate a business, find their way around and, especially, find an exit in the case of an emergency. ADA designates particular designs for signs around a business so they can easily be established by everyone. Bell Company Inc. makes ADA compliant Braille and tactile way finding signs to make your business compliant and make it easy for everyone to navigate your company.

For signs or “wayfinding,” ADA rules mostly concern the visibility and readability of signs. ADA rules stipulate that wayfinding in businesses must include Grade II braille for those who are blind or otherwise visually impaired. The signs must also include tactile raised letters to make reading easier and also designates the size of the letters, color contrast and mounting location. All of these considerations help to make signs completely visible and readable, with no confusion. We can help you design ADA compliant signs for your business, with colors and style that work for your company that also adhere to ADA guidelines.

Learn more about ADA defined wayfinding and how you can make your business handicap accessible to all employees and patrons. Call 1.800.828.3564 or 205.655.2135 to learn more and place an order.

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ADA Signage – Way Finding, Hotel Room, Bathroom Signs


ADA Tactile Signs

  • ADA Compliant Braile Signs in Alabama
    Our STAIRWELL BRAILLE SIGN was made using photopolymer 1/8” face panel painted metallic silver with PMV5906 dark gray text, mounted onto 1/8” dark gray painted acrylic backer panel with orange vinyl graphic “sun blast” logo.

  • This ELEVATOR FLOOR BRAILLE SIGN was made using clear photopolymer on aluminum back carrier, tipped black, then laminated to black 1/8” plex with a beveled edge. Wayfinding sign.

  • Custom shaped photopolymer on 1/4” thick acrylic – painted beige with custom color blue silk screened text. Sign was then laminated to P3030 green acrylic square backer and provided a unique BRAIILE SIGN FOR THIS PROFESSIONAL OFFICE BUILDING.

  • This HOSPITAL BRAILLE SIGN was made using once piece 1/8” photopolymer on acrylic and painted a standard tan color. Logo was hot stamped in black then overlay screened in orange, to enhance client’s logo theme throughout the facility.

  • This HOTEL SIGN was made with 1/8” photopolymer on acrylic, corners were rounded, background was painted gold with black border, hotel logo & text color.
    Tactile Wayfinding Sign
  • This OCCUPANCY SIGN is made using photopolymer on 1/2” acrylic, routed to a custom pill shape, painted coral with white text and is a tactile sign.
  • Another HOSPITAL BRAILLE SIGN job, this one utilized 1/8” non-glare acrylic, subsurface painted 2 colors for a leaf pattern effect. A.D.A. portion is achieved using photopolymer laminated on the left side with raised room number and grade II braille.
  • This STUDIO WINDOW BRAILLE SIGN was made using a 1/16” non-glare photopolymer face, layered acrylic for the filler and backer. It has a 2 color surface paint job, with white text & logo. The window /changeable message strip is made of clear flexible PETG with white vinyl text surface applied.
  • The HOSPITAL STAFF ONLY BRAILLE SIGN was made using 1/8” photopolymer painted blue with white text offset onto a light gray painted 1/8” circular acrylic panel.
  • This HOTEL ROOM NUMBER BRAILLE SIGN was created using 1/2” thick photopolymer, routed to an oval shape with a bullnose edge, painted dark taupe with raised letters in brushed gold.
  • A Wayfinding Tactile Braille Sign
  • Braille Signs for a new HOTEL just off the beach were enhanced with digital printing to mimic a tile pattern and subsurface applied to 1/4” thick clear photopolymer. Signs were also custom routed to a wave top shape and screened with custom ink color for inset &raised wave.
  • The unique tactile LOUNGE SIGN was made using embedded bamboo elements in layers of acrylic, with an integral photopolymer face, to go with the theme of it’s surroundings.
  • FACILITY BRAILLE SIGNS were embellished with a subsurface crystal vinyl design to green acrylic, laminated to a bronze acrylic backer and bronze ink applied on the raised tactile suite number to produce these beautiful signs.
  • A.D.A. Braille Signs
  • Braille Sign for Door

More examples of our signs with photo and logo elements can be seen under our FRAMED ADA SIGNS section.

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ADA Compliant Braille Signs

In business since 1946, Bell Company is committed to providing you support in fulfilling ADA Sign requirements.

From New Construction to the Renovation of Existing Buildings, we will
merge our experience & creativity with your ADA signage needs.
We can aid you from the start of an ADA Sign Project to it’s completion with the following :

  • Design Assistance & Recommendations
  • ADA Sign Pricing & Alternatives or Suggestions
  • ADA Sign Specification Sheets
  • Ordering Details for ADA Signs
  • Paper Proofs
  • Prototype Production Service

We offer Wholesale ADA Signs for both Interior & Exterior Environments.

ADA Braille Signage

From New Construction to Renovations of existing facilities, we will merge our EXPERIENCE & CREATIVITY with your ADA signage requirements.

We can aid you from the start of any ADA Braille Sign Project to it’s completion with the following services:

  • Design Assistance & Recommendations
  • ADA Sign Pricing / Alternatives / Suggestions
  • ADA Specification Sheets & Paper Proofs
  • Custom Prototype Production Service

Bell Company will work with you and your designers to accommodate the vision for your facility while
adhering to the American’s With Disabilities Act Legislation.

Samples of various ADA Signs manufactured by BellCo


Many people are still unsure of what an ADA Sign or Braille Sign is and how to find out about making and out about making and their ADA Signs comply with Federal Guidelines.

Bell Company will work with your or your designer to accommodate their vision for design, while adhering to the American’s With Disabilities legislation. We try to offer information on this site which will allow you to educate yourself and your customer on how ADA Signs are manufactured.

You may see examples of our quality signs from previous ADA Sign Jobs from this site

Our ADA Signs with frames show examples of how you can enhance the look of a simple sign by simply adding one of our many frame choices.

Add a flair to the ADA Signs you offer your customer by using our new curved frames.

This utilizes a flexible single piece clear photopolymer and curved frame which we call our BellKurve Sign System.

For a Sales Kit containing ou rPrice Lists, Catalogs, Color Charts and an actual Sample of our Custom ADA Signs.:

For More Information, Quotes and Pricing Email us
Tina or Celina would be happy to help you. Call us on 800-828-3564

Bellco ADA Signs are easy to specify!

Signs specifications below are for Bellco Interior ADA Signs

Sample Spec for 1/8" Thick Interior ADA Sign


  • Bellco Interior Environmental Signage to be informational & serve as an effective wayfinding system. Signs must meet the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Requirements: One piece, 1/8" thick photopolymer signs for permanent rooms using Novacryl PT118 with raised text and grade II braille.
  • Engraved, Applied, Chem. Welded or stuck on letters and braille are not allowed. Sandblasted signs are not allowed
  • Photopolymer shall be one piece material with no side seams from laminating two materials together.
  • Signs are to be painted using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane Paints for background colors. Raised text/symbol color can be thermo-prest or silk-screened and a satin clear polyurethane top coat added for optimal durability.
  • Photopolymer shall have a minimum 80 shore D hardness, be processed within factory recommendations in approved equipment, and be moisture resistant

Specified raw material manufacturer: Nova Polymers, Inc. or approved equal

Specified manufacturer of finished signs:Bell Company, Inc. (800) 828-3564 or approved equal

NOTE: ADA Signs can either be surface or subsurface painted. Digital graphics or silk-screened graphics can be reverse applied and then back painted. Custom shapes, beveling, slider signs & framing are also available for ADA Signage.

The specifications above can also be used for single piece signs that are 1/16" thick (PT060) or 1/4" thick (PT236) by substituting these product names and thicknesses under section B

For Quotes or more info on our ADA Signs 800-828-3564 1-205-655-2138

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Federal Guidelines for ADA Signs

These accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities were taken from Sections 4.1.2(7); 4.1.3(16) (a) (b)

General Guidelines

Signs which designate permanent rooms and spaces shall comply with the requirements listed below for:

  • Raised and Braille Characters and Pictograms
  • Finish and Contrast
  • Mounting Location and Height

Signs which provide to, or information about, functional spaces of the building shall comply with the requirements below for:

  • Character Proportion
  • Character Height
  • Finish and Contrast

Exception: Building directories, menus and all other signs which are temporary are not required to comply.

Elements and spaces of accessibilities which shall be identified by the International Symbol of Accessibility are:

  • Parking spaces designated as reserved for persons with disabilities.
  • Accessible passenger loading zones.
  • Accessible entrances when not all are accessible (inaccessible entrances shall have directional signage to indicate route to nearest accessible entrance).
  • Accessible toilet and bathing facilities when not all are accessible.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: (Sections 4.30.2; 4.30.3; 4.30.4; 4.30.5; 4.30.6; 4.30.7)


Letters and numbers on signs shall have a width-to- height ratio between 3:5 and 1:1, and a stroke-to-width ratio between1:5 and 1:10


Characters and numbers on signs shall be sized according to the viewing distance from which they are to be read. For signs higher than 80" above the finished floor, character size shall be 3" minimum. The minimum height is measured using an upper case X. Lower case letters are permitted.


Letters and numbers shall be raised 1/32", upper case, sans serif or simple serif type and shall be accompanied by grade II braille. Raised character height: 5/8" minimum, 2" maximum.

Pictograms shall be accompanied by the equivalent verbal description placed directly below the pictogram. The border dimensions for the pictogram shall be 6" minimum.


The characters and background of the signs shall be eggshell, matte, or other non-glare finish. Characters and symbols shall contrast with their background (either light characters on a dark background or dark characters on a light background)

For Quotes or more info on our ADA Signs 1-800-828-3564 1-205-655-2138

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Window ADA Sign Specifications

ADA SIGN SPECS for Interior Window ADA Signs

  • ADA Signs are manufactured using a PHOTOMECHANICAL PROCESS in which the raised image and Braille are integral with the polymer.
  • ADA Signs shall have a 1/16" NON-GLARE ACRYLIC FACE PLATE with INTEGRAL .033" POLYMER LAYER. This FACE PLATE is attached to A 1/8" PAINTED PLEX BACKER PANEL using 1/16" CLEAR PLEX SPACERS which leave room for the insert piece and form the window sign.
  • Background color & letter color shall have a minimum 70% contrast. Either Light background with dark text or dark background with light text.
  • Letter height 5/8" minimum & 2" maximum. grade II Braille translation under message.Letters & Braille are raised 1/32"

For Quotes or more info on our ADA Signs 1-800-828-3564 1-205-655-2138

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ADA Sign Pricing

Pricing Information Request Form

Please fill out form and a PDF file on pricing will be sent to you via email.

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For immediate responses or more info on our ADA Signs 1-800-828-3564 Ask for Tina or Celina 1-205-655-2138

Your ADA Signage Specialist

Delivery / Payment / Warranty / Cleaning & other info on Bellco ADA Signs

  • Delivery: Standard delivery time for ADA Signs is 3 - 4 weeks from receipt of purchase order and deposit.
  • Payment: Deposit is required to start production of order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Company Check.
  • Rush Service: Rush Service is available on ADA signs for an additional charge. Check with your sales representative.
  • Cancelled Orders: If a job or a portion of the job is cancelled after production begins, customer will be billed for any and all materials and labor incurred up to the point of cancellation.
  • ADA Sign Cleaning & Care Instructions: Your Interior ADA Signs require light cleaning only with a clean, dry, soft cloth. NO CHEMICALS OR OTHER CLEANING SOLUTIONS SHOULD EVER BE USED ON THESE ADA SIGNS. Bell Company is not responsible for signs once they have been delivered to our customer. Reseller is responsible for notifying the end user of these cleaning and care instructions.
  • Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty: Bell Company, Inc. will replace or repair any ADA signs returned to us due to defective materials or poor workmanship. We will not assume any responsibility for damages caused to signs due to vandalism, improper installation, exposure to moisture, improper cleaning, high humidity, non climate controlled interior conditions or careless handling. Any returns must have an authorization number from Bell Company. If your invoice is not paid within our net 30 day terms any warranty on ADA signs is void. Bell Company assumes no responsibility or liability with regards to signs that are designed by customer or designer which are found to be out of compliance with State or Federal regulations.

For Quotes or more info on our ADA Signs 1-800-828-3564 1-205-655-2138

Your ADA Signage Specialist

How To Place An Order For ADA Signs

Placing an order for Bellco ADA Signs is Easy!

Print out this easy to fill in work order & fax to (205) 655-2138

ADA Sign Type:
  • Interior ____ Exterior ____
  • Thickness ____ Quantity ____
  • Sign Size: ____ (H) x ____ (W)
  • Additional sizes, please note size & qty. here:
  • Corners: Square ____ (or) Radius ____ (specify radius)
  • Font Choice:____
  • Letter Height:____
  • Specify Alignment of Text:____
  • Background Color:____
  • Text Color:____
  • Mounting Method: VHB Tape ____ Holes ____ specify diameter & if countersunk
  • Magnetic Strips with Steel Tape ____ Velcro ____
  • Paper Proofs Needed? Yes ____ No ____
  • Logo Needed? ____ (email logo tif or eps format)

For Quotes or more info on our ADA Signs 1-800-828-3564 Fax 1-205-655-2138

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Signage Installation Guide For ADA Signs

Your ADA Signage Specialist

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