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Cast Plaque

Plaques can be used to honor special people in your organization, explain historic locations, provide direction and much more. We make plaques that are designed to withstand the elements so they can be used outdoors or indoors without losing their shapes or design. We can design a plaque that is ideal for your needs, including the materials, size, colors, text and even pictures that you specify.

If you are looking for a plaque for your business, it is important to select materials that will match the surroundings, whether you are using the plaque indoors or outdoors. Plaques may be used to honor and recognize donors and other important members of your organization, or used to welcome or direct visitors. Plaques may also be used in front of statues and other honorary locations, to explain the history and significance of the site. Plaques are made of metal and other weather-resistant materials, so their inscriptions or pictures won’t easily fade. If you choose to recognize an important person with a likeness on the plaque, we can inscribe the picture as well.

Take a look at the other plaques we have made for businesses and historic locations. Call 205.655.2135 and tell us about the plaque you are looking for.



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