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EGX-30A Desktop Engraver

$3,995 MSRP

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30% Faster & Connects by USB
8.13″ x 12″

The EGX-30A is the perfect computerized engraving solution for the entry-level engraver working on a limited budget. Until the EGX-30A, the only engraving equipment in this price range was manual, pantograph style engravers. EGX-30A is a computerized engraver that comes with Dr. Engrave design and output software. Dr. Engrave is the same high quality software that comes with Roland’s professional CAMM-2 line of engravers.

EGX-30A – Desktop Engraver

The EGX-30A is a simple-to-use 2-axis, desktop engraving machine. It works via a standard parallel or serial connection to your PC. EGX-30A uses industry standard 1/8″ diameter tools for engraving plastic and other soft materials, as well as scribing coated brass. With its small overall footprint, EGX-30A can be used on any desktop. It is quiet enough to be used in any office environment.

Dr. Engrave – Design and Output Software

Dr. Engrave is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista application which uses TrueType fonts to engrave your design. Dr. Engrave gives you the ability to import a scanned image or graphic then auto-trace the image so it can be output to the EGX-30A.

Easy Set-up and Operation

  • Simply design your badge, nameplate, or trophy plaque in the Dr. Engrave software.
  • Attach your blank piece onto EGX-30A’s 8.13″ x 12″ engraving bed and press print.
  • EGX-30A will do the rest.
EGX-30A with Dr. Engrave $3,895.00 MSRP Option
EngraveLab Software $1195.00
Multi Mat $150.00

Multi Mat – the new, revolutionary, engraving table hold down mat, designed to make your engraving jobs easier and faster! It’s a double sided mat which can be applied to virtually any engraving table top to provide a stable, self sticking surface for practically any flat engraving material. No more problems with difficult to hold engraving stock – perfect for Brass, Aluminum, Flexible Engraving Stock, Acrylic, Phenolic, and most other types of engraving material. Multi Mat is a durable rubber like material with a rigid core that has special holding properties – engraving stock will not move from side to side, but after engraving, it can be easily
lifted. This amazing product can be used over and over again and cleans with the most common cleaner in the world; water! No special chemicals or cleaners required.

Multi Mat will save you money regardless of what hold down method you now use!

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