STIKA Model SV-8


Max. Cutting Height 6-1/4″

Eye-catching, simple and fun. STIKA is perfect for vinyl lettering and graphics.

STIKA is a new peripheral that lets you create unique graphics using your PC. Design letters, logos, and cut them out on adhesive vinyl. Use STIKA for car decoration, decals for models, commercial and public signs, POP displays, labels, and more. There are two models: the compact STIKA Model SV-8 for use with 8-7/16″-wide (215mm) sheets, and the big STIKA PLUS SV-12 for 12″-wide (305mm) sheets. Both are supplied with Dr. STIKA PLUS software, a Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7 package that you can use to design your own graphics. Eye-catching, simple and fun – STIKA graphics will make your life more colorful. The STIKA Model SV-15 for $1,095 is the largest STIKA. Maximum cutter area 13-3/8″ x 39″.

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